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The Management committee of the Mekong Delta International Training
PC: 136-0071 Z Building 5F 7-10-1 Kameido Koto-ku Tokyo, Japan
 Tokyo Occupational Safety and Health Center
TEL: +81-33683-9765 FAX: +81-33683-9766 Email: center@toshc.org

Welcome to our WEB-site of Participatory Action-Oriented Training on Safety, Health and Environment in Viet Nam. Since 2000, many friends from Asian countries have met at the Mekong Delta, Viet Nam every summer and have contributed to regional development by organizing safety, health and environment program for farmers and workers. Also they have improved the health and safety activities in their countries by applying the Mekong Delta training.
Let’s go to the Mekong Delta together and feel PAOT-WIND in the Mekong Delta!
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Mekong Delta WIND Program

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2018.07.15 What's new.
The Mekong Delta 2018 recruiting finished.

Mekong Delta 2017 Report download ⇒ MD201720report200323.pdf

WINDY(Work Improvement in Neighbourhood Development for Youth) WEB site WINDY WEB

Mekong Delta 2017 document

Mekong Delta 2017 individual reports

Mekong Delta 2018 recruiting finished.